Monday, September 23, 2013

Dad's Oil Cans, Redux

My blog is something I think about and what seems to be at the bottom of my to-do list.  This needs to be corrected as I've been busy with some fun things and want to share them.  After I emailed these photos to Carol from, she suggested that I post this latest project so here it is.

I, (and I'm sure you will understand this) collected a lot of what my siblings felt were odd ball items when my father passed away, but what I recognized as treasures.  I collected all my father's oil cans and have had them stored until recently where they resided on my library shelf.  My brother suggested that they might look good in a basket I had just purchased.  Well, they didn't make it into a basket as they stand like little jewels on their least my opinion.  I had so much fun transforming these.  First step, WASH THEM!  These were well used in their previous lives!!

My little Pumpkin:  I put a little glaze on the can and added one of my father's rusty keys.

This is original with a couple of rusty stars.  (Why do I love rust?!?)

This beautiful seafoam green oil can is the original color with a stamped fleur de lis, lace, roses and some bling.  I might change the flowers.  You know how it is....can't leave it alone!!

This was gray so I painted it and added glitter and bling!!!!  Is there such a thing as a classy oil can???

This was painted a mauve pink with a matching knob, Paris stamp, ribbon and a beautiful pin.  Carol said this is her favorite.  I think, me too!!!

Another original sea foam green with a knob and ribbons.

This is the original color, would you believe!  So pretty that all it needed was a pretty pin and ribbon.  All done!!

I have several larger ones still in storage and can't wait to repurpose them.  My father would enjoy these, I think!!!  Thanks to my brother, Terry, for the inspiration!!!

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  1. So glad you shared. each one is adorable!


  2. I adore your Father's oil repurposed and glammed. Each one so unique and beautiful. Very clever of you to create such treasures with your collections of vintage oil cans. Creative Bliss...

  3. These are so cute and creative! You are the winner of the Eco Soap giveaway. Check out the Open House post this evening for details.

  4. I think your Father would love these! I know I do :).

    Thank you for sharing at our Blog Hop! We love having you :)

  5. What an amazing transformation and upcycling of vintage oil cans! Beautifully done!
    Thanks for stopping by. Rhonda

  6. What great Upcycling of Old Oil Cans, very Inspiring!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Those are some brilliant ideas. How creative!

  8. You have a great blog. Like you, I have a collection of oil cans that I saved just before they were going to be tossed by their past owner. I was not able to get them all cleaned up like yours are. I used a degreaser but was not successful. After seeing your amazing oil can makeovers I am totally inspired to do something to mine. I have one exactly like yours and am going to remove it off the laundry room shelf to give it a new life, thanks to you. Love the idea of adding bling to them. Great post.