Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm a Winner!!!!!!

One of the fun things about blogging is finding great blogs, being inspired by some out of this world creative bloggers, and entering drawings for free things.  Well, I visited one of my top favorite blogs,  Angie's blog is helpful, fun and interesting.  I signed up to automatically receive her posts because I like her so much.

 I entered her drawing for a free candle from and I WON!!!!  I was thrilled.  This candle is impressive, both in size, appearance and fragrance.  I received mulled cider and is it ever yummy!  I had thought that if I won this candle, it would smell as if I was baking, but without the calories.  I was right!!  It's a wonderful fall fragrance.  I can also reuse the container when I'm finished, although it looks as if this candle will last a long time!!

Check out and

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Picnic, Anyone?????

I'm back after a long absence.  Nothing serious, just Busy, busy!!  Work on our house is progressing.  At some point, I'll post photos.  In the meantime, after a little conversation with one of my favorite, creative bloggers, Carol of, I decided to work on a picnic basket and make it french chic!!! 

Does this happen to you?  When I am looking for something as I yard/garage/tag sale, it just pops up.  That's what happened with this basket.  I spoke with Carol and found this basket two days later.  It's in such beautiful condition so all I did was paint the lid, transfer a beautiful design from The Graphics Fairy, and decoupage copied sheet music on the inside.  Very quick and easy!!!  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Girl Dress Into Big Girl Apron

Hi Everyone!  Time has certainly passed while hubby and I work on our house.  I'll post progress photos at a later date.  My project today is the transformation of a little girl's sundress into a big girl's apron.  I picked up three pretty dresses at a tag sale and worked on this one since I don't know any little girl this size who could wear it.


 I took off the top of the dress to use as the pocket by reversing it, using the top as the bottom, and ending up with an almost finished pocket.  I reused the ties.  This was fun and used up almost every bit of fabric from the dress.
Top Of Dress Equals New Pocket
I turned the waistband under and hand sewed a finished edge.  The beauty of this is that the apron strings are already in place!!  So easy!!

New Apron
I moved a little flower from the dress front and pinned it to the pocket. Sorry the flower doesn't show better.  (My camera battery is now dead.)  Lady Jane,  my new dress form, is modeling.  The new apron didn't fit Daisy properly for a photo shoot, haha, and I was holding the camera.  It does fit me perfectly.