Monday, September 23, 2013

Dad's Oil Cans, Redux

My blog is something I think about and what seems to be at the bottom of my to-do list.  This needs to be corrected as I've been busy with some fun things and want to share them.  After I emailed these photos to Carol from, she suggested that I post this latest project so here it is.

I, (and I'm sure you will understand this) collected a lot of what my siblings felt were odd ball items when my father passed away, but what I recognized as treasures.  I collected all my father's oil cans and have had them stored until recently where they resided on my library shelf.  My brother suggested that they might look good in a basket I had just purchased.  Well, they didn't make it into a basket as they stand like little jewels on their least my opinion.  I had so much fun transforming these.  First step, WASH THEM!  These were well used in their previous lives!!

My little Pumpkin:  I put a little glaze on the can and added one of my father's rusty keys.

This is original with a couple of rusty stars.  (Why do I love rust?!?)

This beautiful seafoam green oil can is the original color with a stamped fleur de lis, lace, roses and some bling.  I might change the flowers.  You know how it is....can't leave it alone!!

This was gray so I painted it and added glitter and bling!!!!  Is there such a thing as a classy oil can???

This was painted a mauve pink with a matching knob, Paris stamp, ribbon and a beautiful pin.  Carol said this is her favorite.  I think, me too!!!

Another original sea foam green with a knob and ribbons.

This is the original color, would you believe!  So pretty that all it needed was a pretty pin and ribbon.  All done!!

I have several larger ones still in storage and can't wait to repurpose them.  My father would enjoy these, I think!!!  Thanks to my brother, Terry, for the inspiration!!!

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