Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sew Happy Quilt Throw

I have almost completed a throw for a bed in a bedroom we will have built soon.  The room color scheme is willow green, off white and pretty pinks, from pale to rose!

I ran across a book of fabric samples I had in storage, all in luscious shades of pink.  We've had stuff in storage for about 8 years while moving from New York to Virginia.  When we finally unpack everything, it will be Christmas time, believe me!!!  (I am a confirmed fabricholic, aka fabric junky and I have enough fabric to cover couches from here back to New York.)

I laid out the samples and started sewing.  I had coordinating fabric for the two bands around the outside to make it larger.  I bought cotton batting, at which point I realized it was 74"x 57", between a throw, 60"x60", and a twin, 93"x72".  Next time I'll start with the batting size I want and try to finish the top to match to make it more uniform.

I am posting photos, but need to finish tying the corners.  You will notice little Daisy, who managed to plant herself right in the middle.  Of course, I let her.

1 comment:

  1. You did learn how to post pics! Your quilt looks really nice.

    Daisy is cute. :)